Upper limb

Cosmetic, functional and myoelectric products provide upper limb users with a wide variety of personal choices

There are many reasons for the cause of upper limb amputation however; in the majority of cases this is a result of trauma or a congenital condition. The decision process of deciding what design and components to use is not always straightforward. Whether you are seeking a cosmetic or a functional outcome, a thorough consultation process with your prosthetist and clinical team is essential. In many situations particularly with new amputations or users planning to obtain a myoelectric prosthesis for the first time, an experienced occupational therapist is an important part of a successful functional outcome.

Selecting an upper extremity prosthesis is a very personalised decision. Understanding clearly the options available to produce a successful outcome is an important stage of the early consultation process.

Existing users generally have specific design and functional requirements and know what they're looking for. This may range from a high definition cosmetic device, a conventional work oriented prosthesis or an advanced myoelectric system using pattern recognition control. The design options can be complex and often require some research into selecting the most appropriate components. At +oapl, we offer extensive capabilities and experience in all areas of upper limb management. This knowledge base allows us to provide optimal outcomes for all of our clients.


Myoelectric and multi-articulating hands

There has been significant product development in recent years, which is now commercially available for many upper limb users. Myoelectric technology now offers sophisticated functional features that are now easier operate and deliver improved independent control. The bebionic from RSL Steeper is one of the most recent design advancements, taking myoelectric multi-articulating hands to a new level. The hand is suitable for both above and below elbow amputees and is available in 3 sizes. The bebionic is robust in structural design and offers 14 different grip patterns.

For above elbow individuals seeking to use both a multi-articulating hand and myoelectric elbow, the U3+ from Motion Control provides an elbow system that is compatible with a variety of hand and socket design options. Producing a prosthesis of this capability requires specialist training and a thorough understanding of myoelectric systems.


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