Ultraflex Solutions

Patient inspired solutions for orthopaedic & neurological rehabilitation.

Ultraflex manufacture componentry designed around the principles of Low Load Prolonged Stretch.  These joints can be utilised in the management of a range of orthopaedic and neurological conditions.  Ultraflex also produce a range of ambulatory components known as "Ultraflex ADR" joints or Adjustable Dynamic Response.  


Ultraflex ONE™


The ONE™ solution for all your rehab needs. Ultraflex ONE™ is a patent pending, breakthrough technology that provides protection, stability, functional assist and Low Load Prolonged Stretch in ONE™ family of advanced orthoses.


Features of the system:

  • Dynamic extension and flexion assist in one component, easily reversed by the patient or caregiver.
  • Flexion and extension stops providing added safety and stability for the user.
  • Assist lock out feature allowing for easing donning & doffing.
  • Ultraflex's traditional "free zone" allowing 30 degrees resisted movement for added comfort but returning the patient to the corrected position as they relax.
  • Static progressive stretch option with simple worm drive adjustment.
  • 3 Sizes to suit all ages.


Ultraflex® bracing is the only technology that can control ALL planes of motion and stretch multiple joints in one orthosis.


These feature make the Ultraflex ONE™ the ideal brace for 

Orthopaedic Solutions:

As a 3 in 1 Bracing option: Stability, protection and recovery of full ROM for complete rehabilitation.  Ideal for fractures, dislocations, post total joint replacements and soft tissue repairs

Neurological Solutions:

As a device for management of dynamic/static muscle ROM limitations and common gait deviations.  Ideal for conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, CVA, Traumatic Brain injury, Muscular Dystrophy, MS and Incomplete Spinal Cord injuries.

Ultraflex ONE™ contain all you need to fabricate orthosis for any extremity simply choose the correct size and away you go.  For more information download the information sheet below, contact customer service on P. 1300 866 275 or contact us.



Ultraflex ADR

Ultraflex ADR ankle joints utilise urethane springs, which allow clinicians the ability to tailor their function and better suit their patient's needs.  Their robust design makes them ideal for active patients and their urethane springs are not prone to brittle failure, commonly seen with metal springs utilised by competitive products.


The 4 channel design allows the joint to be set up in any configuration.

  • Free motion
  • Limited motion
  • Locked 
  • With Dorsiflexion assist
  • With Plantarflexion assist


This makes the joint ideal for patients undergoing surgical procedures, receiving botox or other pharmacological treatment for spasticity as well as degenerative conditions.  The joint comes in 2 sizes, adult & paediatric, and can be used either unilaterally or bilaterally depending on the patient's weight.  It can be incorporated into both thermoplastic and carbon composite deigns giving the clinicians unlimited freedom with their design.

For more information call customer service on P. 1300 866 275 or  contact us.