ToeOFF® Family

The Quantum Leap in AFO Technology

Introduced in 1997, ToeOFF is now recognised as a quantum leap in AFO technology. Today hundreds of thousands of individuals with gait impairment now enjoy a higher quality of life, thanks to the stability and dynamic response provided when wearing one of our  patented carbon composite orthoses that are members of the ToeOFF Family of Products. With more experience than any company in the industry and as the world leader in carbon composite AFO technology, our product development team continues to extend the opportunity for improved gait and increased walking capacity to more individuals as they expand the product offering in the ToeOFF Family of Products.


The ToeOFF® Advantage


Anterior Design
The ToeOFF family of products comes up from the footplate onto the anterior surface of the leg to avoid pressure on the calf muscles and Achilles tendon. It allows for a floor reaction response to assist with knee extension.

Lateral strut
The strut is placed on the lateral side of the foot to create stability and function. It also allows for more functional use by bilateral users.

Light weight
The composition of Carbon fiber, fibreglass and Kevlar produces an extremely lightweight yet structurally superior design, which is of great benefit to the user. 

Graded Stability
To be able to accommodate different users’ needs, the sizes and products are graded in both stability and dynamic response. 

The extreme thinness of the product makes it light and almost invisible under slacks or trousers.

As the shin plate comes on the anterior surface of the leg it provides for a more comfortable design for the user.

Dynamic footplate
The unique layup and the shape of the footplate contributes to a more dynamic and functional gait pattern.

Fits in shoe

The thinness of the foot plate and ability to trim it often avoids the need to increase the shoe size.

Open heel
The open heel design allows the Calcaneus to invert and evert which happens naturally during the gait cycle and allows the biomechanical chain reaction to occur.



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More Information

Pediatric ToeOFF®

The introduction of the KiddieGAIT & KiddieROCKER now means thatToeOFF® is available for all ages.

These products just like their older siblings need to be combined with a foot orthotic to better control the foot ankle complex.  They can be used with devices such as a UCBL or SMO allowing even greater control.  One advantage of this type of setup is that the UCBL & SMO can also be used independent of the AFO allowing the child some protected time outside of the device.

For more information on this range click on the ToeOFF catalogue link in the Downloads section below, call customer service on P. 1300 866 275 or  contact us.


Partial Foot Amputation

The Bluerocker is the ideal device for people with a partial foot amputation.  Using it as the initial chasis you can add an orthotic and toe fillauer and customise the setup of the device to suit your clients needs.  Click on the link below to see the 



ToeOFF® 2.0 Without D-Ring Strap Instructions


Customizing the ToeOFF® Carbon Fiber AFO to Meet a Runner's Needs


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