SmartSoc Scanning System

A clinically-tested & proven 3D Scanning System that fits in your pocket.



The SmartSoc™ 3D Capturing System is the latest addition to Orthomerica’s line of image capture devices for manufacturing of STARband® and STARlight® Cranial Orthoses. This system uses a SmartCam™ Digital Camera or theCurveCapture™ phone application, a revolutionary technology that converts 2D images to a 3D model. Orthomerica’s eBrace® web portal provides a seamless ordering process that is secure and HIPAA compliant.




The SmartSoc System is currently available for cranial orthoses ordered directly from Orthomerica. Future applications will include prosthetics, lower extremity orthotics and clinical documentation modules.






- Intelligent in-app guide aids data capture
- Increased Speed —2 minute scan time
- Extremely Accurate—precision accuracy to 0.1%
- Portable—easily taken to multiple facilities