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Prosthetic solutions for an active and independent lifestyle

For 30 years+oapl has provided a dedicated commitment to servicing prosthetic clients and prosthetic professionals throughout Australia. Offering a personalized service, all clients at +oapl  are treated individually by a qualified and experienced practitioner to meet your fitting and functional requirements.

No matter what your level of funding, we share our expertise with you to deliver exceptional solutions and improve your functional outcome.


Click on the sections below for further information on product and design options for the prosthetic user.


Prosthetic Feet

Choosing the correct foot is a highly individualised decision.  Function, body weight, activity levels and recreational interests all need to be considered when selecting the correct foot for you.

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Prosthetic Knee Units

From safety Knees to microprocessor controlled limbs. +oapl offers prosthetic knee technologies to suit patients of every age and activity level

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Upper Limb

Sleek, elegant and cutting-edge in both design and technology. Checkout the flagship bebionic range and other upper limb technologies.

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Whether you want to stand out or blend into the crowd.  Let your imagination run wild with the +oapl range of cosmetic cover options

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Lower Limb Socket Designs

What are my options? What would best suit my needs? Socket design and suspension systems are a critical component of every prostheses.

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Paedicatric prosthetics doesn’t just mean making it smaller.  Designing and manufacturing prostheses to fulfil all of a child’s physical and emotional needs is a highly specialised skill

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Sports & Recreation

Your prostheses can open up a whole new world for you.  Discover the possibilities

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For some the traditional socket design prostheses is not what they want or need. Osseointegration may be the answer.

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