Prosthetic Feet options

+oapl offers a wide range of prosthetic foot options from renown suppliers such as Blatchfords, Fillauer and Freedom Innovations.  Click on the links below to learn more about some prosthetic feet options we offer.

Microprocessor & Hydraulic Feet


Elan mimics natural muscle resistance and ankle motion by adapting hydraulic resistance levels.


The award winning echelon prosthetic foot gives users hydraulic ankle control on ramps and stairs.


The Kinterra system combines hydraulics and carbon fiber to provide a normal walking gait.

MotionFoot MX

The MotionFoot ® MX is a unique hydraulic foot and ankle system with a natural-range of ankle movement.

High Activity & Recreational Feet

Catapult Running

Catapult represents the most significant advancement in prosthetic running foot technology in decades. - See more at:


The AllPro foot crosses all boundaries  providing performance in a foot to work and play like a pro.


Only one line of shock devices in the world has patented Z-Shock Technology™. 

Maverick Xtreme AT

The lightweight, durable option with excellent energy storage and return.

Active Walking Feet

Element DS

The Element DS’s utilises an innovative 3rd carbon spring that supports the foot in each phase of gait.


A multi-axial, shock absorbing foot system designed to manage walking on any terrain.


Adjustable heel height  & anatomical gliding ankle maintains consistent performance at all heel heights.

- See more at:


Provides active patients with an efficient and smooth gait and excellent energy return.