Osseointegration offers amputee's a new level of function and lifestyle away from traditional prosthetics

Osseointegration is an orthopaedic procedure that has been provided since the mid 1990's. A surgical implant is placed into the bone providing a direct connection to the prosthetic device offering amputees a new level of control and functionality not normally experienced in conventional prosthetic devices. The procedure has normally been a two-stage process over a 6 to 8 week period with a rehabilitation program starting there after. A single stage procedure is now being practiced, reducing surgical time.



Advantages of osseointegration

  • No longer are there issues with volume fluctuations affecting your fitting experienced in normal prosthetic sockets.
  • The direct connection of an osseointegration implant increases overall control and functional performance using a prosthetic device.
  • There is reduced energy expenditure and improved gait symmetry.
  • Over time muscular development is improved also providing increased range of motion.
  • Improved sensation of ground and general surfaces



At +oapl we are experienced in fitting prosthetic limbs to both upper and lower extremity amputees who have had osseointegration surgery. As the procedure is not possible for all amputees, those interested will need to undergo a thorough examination from an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in osseointegration for their suitability.

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