Diabetic Solutions

+oapl is an industry leader, utilising modern scanning and pressure mapping technologies, to offload and treat diabetic high-risk feet. Whether it is footwear, insoles or custom made devices, we assess and treat the physical and functional limitations of diabetic patients.


The diabetic foot can have many factors contributing to abnormal mechanics. Footwear in conjunction with orthotic intervention can help support and address neuropathy, structural deformity, gait abnormalities and limited joint mobility. Furthermore offloading devices such as the +oapl Airwalker or OWLS can reduce pressures, whilst allowing you to conduct your normal activities of daily life, to allow healing of an at risk diabetic foot. Our clinical team work closely with referring doctors, podiatrists and other health professionals to help manage problematic feet and treat difficult to heal wounds.


Our clinical team specialise in the prescription and fitting of orthoses and footwear designed specifically to manage the needs of diabetic patients.


Our clinicians are here to help you navigate through funding applications with a both government and private funding agencies.  When dealing with these agencies we may require a referral from your GP or specialist.


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Pressure Guardian

The Pressure GuardianTM system allows real time pressure testing of up to 4 discreet areas.  The streamlined sensors allow them to be easily placed in both footwear and orthotic devices making it equally valuable as a diagnostic tool as well as documenting the effectiveness of the final treatment. All of the information is stored electronically and can be exported as a report ideal for medical practitioners and funding applications.




TechMed 3D Scanner

The TechMed 3D Scanner in conjunction with the 3DSizeMe App allows our clinicians to quickly and accurately scan limbs without the mess of plaster or synthetic casts.  This makes it ideal for complex shapes and areas with wounds and dressings.  The system is utilises an IPad making it completely portable and allows our clinicians to upload any relevant information including photos and Pressure Guardian scans directly to our fabrication facility.  Using computer aided design and milling machines a highly accurate model of your limb is carved over which your brace will be manufactured.  This system allows us far greater accuracy than traditional casting methods with the added advantage of keeping an electronic copy of your limb, which can be used to create an identical replica of your brace or allow us to make accurate adjustments if required.




Introducing Orthomerica's Wound & Limb Salvage program! The OWLS Program is a culmination of ten plus years of clinical orthotic development - treating diabetic ulcers classified Wagner 1 -4 with custom orthoses. These orthoses will complement the ongoing wound therapies & post-operative care being offered at Wound Centres worldwide. These devices are fully custom made and come in 4 styles depending on the location of the ulcer being treated

  1. Heel & Hindfoot relief model
  2. Midfoot relief model
  3. Forefoot relief model
  4. Non ambulatory model

For further information download the brochure below or contact your local clinic for an appointment.