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Musculoskeletal bracing solutions for an active and independent lifestyle

For 30 years +oapl has provided a dedicated commitment to servicing orthotic clients and professionals throughout Australia. Offering a personalised service, all clients at +oapl are treated individually by a tertiary qualified and experienced practitioner to ensure we meet your fitting and functional requirements. 

We share our experience through clinical consultations and product education. Our product range reflects our understanding of modern and traditional techniques to ensure we deliver exceptional outcomes. 





Click on the sections below for further information on product and services offered ay our clinical locations.


Acute Bracing Solutions

Life doesn’t stop for recovery. +oapl stocks a complete range of braces for every aspect of your treatment, as well as manufacturing our own cutting-edge custom devices.

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Post-operative Bracing Solutions

Maximise your outcomes. +oapl has an orthotic solution for each stage of your rehabilitation process. 

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Neuro-muscular Solutions

Solutions for life. +oapl specialises in the prescription and fitting of orthoses and designed specifically to manage the ongoing needs of our neuro-muscular patients.

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Diabetic Solutions

Prevention is better than cure. +oapl has a range of footwear and bracing solutions to help prevent and manage the complications of diabetes.

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Compression Therapy Solutions

More options for greater control.  +oapl offers a range of ready to wear and custom compresson products for both vascular conditions and lymphoedema.

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Paediatric Solutions

For those we care most about.  +oapl offers a broad range of paedicatirc bracing solutions for children with conditions such as Cerebral palsy and Spina bifida through to acute fractures.

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