The LymphaTouch Negative Pressure Device


We are proud to announce that we are now the Australian distributors for the LymphaTouch® Negative Pressure Device (formerly PhysioTouch)! 

The LymphaTouch® is a negative pressure device which allows vertical and horizontal stretching of the fascial (connective tissue) structures, expanding the space for circulation of blood and lymph.

The results of LymphaTouch® therapy are immediately measurable and help to reduce swelling, minimise pain and improve range of motion for those with lymphatic deficiencies

Through negative pressure and high frequency vibration, the LymphaTouch® is designed to treat patients faster and more efficiently, ultimately improving rehabilitation. The LymphaTouch® has a wide range of treatment application including:

  • Primary and secondary lymphoedema
  • Pre-operative and post-operative swelling and scarring
  • Fascial tightness
  • Muscle maintenance
  • Active recovery
  • Pain management
  • Joint functionality


Natalie Perkins, physiotherapist in Sydney states:

"The application of the LymphaTouch is not only an asset for patient care (always the primary objective in my mind) but also alleviates stresses on the hands of the therapist. My hands wish I had discovered this device years ago!"

Read full testimonial here: PDF icon LymphaTouch Testimonial - Natalie Perkins.pdf







How does the LymphaTouch® work?

The LymphaTouch® expands and stretches the skin and tissue pulling anchor filaments to dilate the endolethial openings of the lymphatic capillaries.

Simultaneously, the expansion of fascial and connective tissue structures create space for blood circulation and lymph flow.



LymphaTouch® Treatment Areas

The LymphaTouch® has applications in a wide range of fields including:

Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema


Primary and Secondary Lymphoedema Treatment

Lymph is body fluid that is filtered from blood vessels to tissue. From tissue, lymph is transported by lymph vessels to lymph nodes and further via the lymphatic system back to venous circulation. If the lymphatic system is not functioning properly, lymph is unable to move forward and the tissue starts to swell with fluid. The swelling caused by the problems in the lymphatic system is known as a disease called lymphedema.

Lymphedema developed at birth is known as primary lymphedema. The lymph carrying capacity can also be diminished after surgeries, radiotherapy, trauma or infection. This is called secondary lymphedema. For example, in cancer surgeries the lymph nodes close to the tumor area are often either removed or radiated. The removed or damaged lymph nodes might predispose the body to lymphatic swelling.

Efficient Therapy

LymphaTouch® is an excellent tool for lymphedema management and lymphedema follow-up. It serves as a supplementing tool for treatment of both primary and secondary lymphedema. LymphaTouch’s unique feature combination of mechanical vibration and negative pressure efficiently activates the lymphatic circulation in the treated area and helps reducing swelling and pain. LymphaTouch treatment has been experienced as very comfortable among various different patients diagnosed with head, neck or breast cancer and patients suffering from secondary lymphedema caused by trauma, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

LymphaTouch® enhances manual therapy, enabling the therapist work more efficiently and the patient get concrete results faster.


Pre-operative and Post-operative Swelling and Scarring

Swelling is common in orthopedic patients. Swelling can occur before surgery caused by trauma or after surgery caused by the operation. Compression pain after an injury or operation can be relieved by reducing swelling by improving lymphatic circulation.

All invasive operations produce scar tissue. Reparation and regeneration of scar tissue is dependent on tissue metabolism, oxidation and functionality. Older scars might build up adhesions to other tissue layers and these can partially inflict pain, swelling and reduced functionality of the joint. Scar tissue build up can lower muscle performance, it stresses tendons and can entrap nerves. When tearing a muscle, ligament or tendon the body creates scar tissue to repair and “glue“ the torn parts together. Oxygen deprivation can also cause scarring in soft tissue.

Convenient Care

LymphaTouch® can be used as part of the preoperative and postoperative rehabilitation, to enhance and promote faster recovery from surgery. LymphaTouch treatment supports the rehabilitation process in orthopedic patients towards an active recovery. Activating the lymphatic system preoperation also supports postoperative recovery by reducing postoperative swelling and hematomas.

To prevent scar tissue formation LymphaTouch improves the oxidation and lymphatic circulation of the treated area. It also helps to loosen adhesions and improves the functionality of the joint by increasing range of motion.

LymphaTouch® offers the most convenient treatment approach for hip and knee replacement patients, dislocation injuries and other acute traumas like fractures.

Sports Physiotherapy


Muscle Maintenance and Recovery Treatment

Sports-related muscle and soft tissue injuries may be caused by trauma, overuse or prolonged stress of the tissue structures. Illnesses affecting the muscles weaken the muscle pump function and thereby reduce transportation of oxygen and nutrients into the tissue. Returning to action too soon or starting too hard after recovery may prolong the healing process or cause reinjury.

Fascia lines and structures have many important functions around the whole body. Fascia is in tight contact with other body structures. It stabilizes, carries load and tension and supports postural compensation. Fascial structures play an important role in rehabilitation and in recovery from injuries and operations.

Faster Recovery

LymphaTouch® treatment method can be used for injury prevention and for recovery from injuries and operations. By increasing fascial metabolism, static stress related impingements reduce pain from compression and overuse of muscles. This can prevent further scar tissue buildup. Recovery is essential in muscle and tissue repair and rebuilding strength and LymphaTouch® can help speed up the process.

LymphaTouch offers a powerful treatment application for treatment of acute traumas like ankle sprains, contusion traumas, hematomas and overuse related conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

LymphaTouch® can be used for injury prevention, to promote overall recovery, for muscle maintenance and it can also be used more locally in treatment of specific injuries. The compact size of LymphaTouch® makes it truly portable and it travels easily with sports teams.


Pain Management

Neural tissue, comprised of nerve fibers and the structures immediately surrounding them, is closely connected to muscles, lymph vessels and fascial structures. Under normal conditions neural tissue can move freely between muscles, bones and connective tissue such as fascial tissue layers.

Normal movement of nerve tissue may become obstructed from restricted joint mobility or muscle tightness, which can cause radiating pain. If a nerve is constantly compressed or stretched, the transportation of nutrients inside is restricted. This causes increased secretion of inflammation mediators.

Active Rehabilitation

LymphaTouch® is an excellent tool for pain management. The adjustable settings offer a patient specific treatment approach, suitable for treating both acute and chronic pain.

The cause of the pain must be determined before starting treatment. Many neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injuries and neuropathy cause pain.

The LymphaTouch treatment has been used in treating many different pain related conditions such as neuropathic pain, back pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain, joint pain and tendon related pain.

Patients often experience a reduction in pain measured on the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) after the LymphaTouch® treatment.

LymphaTouch® offers a pleasant and comfortable treatment, where the treatment experiences can be adjusted to meet individual needs.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Trauma, overuse or prolonged stress of the tissue structures cause muscle injuries. Different illnesses and conditions may reduce the circulation and metabolism and thereby reduce oxygen and nutrient flow into the joint tissue. These conditions can lead to a reduced range of motion.

LymphaTouch® activates the transportation of fluids in subcutaneous tissue to increase oxygen and nutrient flow around the treated area. LymphaTouch can be used for treating acute and chronic joint related injuries and conditions as well as musculoskeletal conditions such as tennis elbows (lateral epicondylitis), shoulder impingements, plantar fasciitis and a variety of knee conditions such as osteoarthritis. In addition LymphaTouch® treatment can be used as part of the therapy to promote an active rehabilitation.

LymphaTouch® negative pressure can be applied directly over joint interspaces to reach different joint angles and help improving the range of motion (ROM) of the treated joint.

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