Lower Limb Socket Designs

Many socket design options offering patients choice for their lifestyle and fitting needs

Socket designs and fitting systems have been evolving for decades. Newer systems using liners and pin locking mechanism are now widely used, however many amputees still wear older and conventional design systems because they work and those designs meet their everyday and functional needs. At +oapl we have the technical skill and experience base to manufacture and fit many traditional and conventional systems including thigh lacers and work that requires fine leather skills. Though these historical designs and skills are available, most of our services and manufacturing are tailored to using more current technology.

Our organisation places significant emphasis on introducing new and emerging technology systems and designs.

Whilst one design can work successfully for one individual, that same design may very well be unsuitable for another. So it is important that your fitting and functional needs are clearly discussed and considered with your prosthetist or rehabilitation team. By optimising best practice prescription, minimising or eliminating unsatisfactory outcomes can be achieved.

Below are some examples of the various socket designs available.

Below knee socket designs



More recent designs


Above knee socket designs


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