Hip Flexion Assist Device


The Becker Hip Flexion Assist Device or commonly known as the HFAD is intended for individuals who have difficulty initiating swing due to hip flexor weakness. The Hip Flexion Assist Device is designed to improve gait and consists of a comfortable waist band and two dynamic tension bands that attach to the shoe.The device may be worn over or under clothing.

Hip Flexion Assist Device


The products inventor, Mathew Sutlif designed the device with the MS patient front of mind. Originally intended for the assistace of amulatory individuals with MS, the HFAD now assists individuals with a range of diverse lower limb pathologies.


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Simple Solutions are often the best!

Often technology dominates our thought process and make problems appear harder than they are.  Here we are highlighting an article about a product that bucks that trend.  A simple off the shelf device that can cope with patients of varying heights, sizes and activity levels.  It can also address weakness across the ankle, knee and hip and still be discretely worn below clothes.

Check out Becker Orthopaedic's HFAD (Hip Flexion Assist Device) below as well as the article written by the product's inventor Mathew Sutliff.

You Tube Video Here.

HFAD Article Here