Dynamic Walk

The Dynamic walk is designed to allow people with dorsiflexor paresis or paralysis to confidently regain their stride. Whether their goal is to walk, hike, jog or play the Dynamic Walk's flexible dorsi assist joints allow them to move freely. Featuring a heat mouldable trimmable calf band and footplate, the Dynamic Walk ensures a comfortable fit every time. This high activity design enables freedom of motion and allows for walking, running, and climbing stairs.

Dynamic Walk
Dynamic Walk



  • High quality dorsiflexion assist technology
  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Fits easily into normal or narrow shoes
  • Flexible for multi-plane action
  • Dynamic medial/lateral control
  • Enables athletic activity such as moderate running


  • Choose between PEEK rods on medial or lateral side
  • Re-formable thermoplastic Comfil® carbon composite cuffs
  • Open heel fit and comfort
  • Flexible calf band


1 year warranty on Dynamic walk.

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