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OFA Bamberg Measuring for Custom Garment

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Trilock Ankle Brace Application

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Right Foot Medial



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Complete feedback form online here:​

If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact us. We take complaints seriously and aim to resolve them quickly and fairly. 

We endeavour to handle all patient complaints internally however if you would like to take the complaint further you may do so via the following organisations:



ACT Complaints Process

A complaint can be made against any health service provider, which is broadly defined. This includes hospitals, individual registered health professionals, alternative health providers, and anyone who collects, holds or discloses personal health information. For more information about the ACT Human Right Commission complaints process visit

New South Wales Complaints Process

The Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) receives and deals with complaints about individual health practitioners, such as doctors, optometrists and acupuncturists, and health service organisations, such as hospitals in NSW. To lodge an online inquiry please visit

Queensland Complaint Process

If you have a complaint about a health service provided to you, a family member, or someone in your care, you can lodge a complaint with the office of Health Ombudsmen in a number of ways via

Tasmania Complaints Process

The Tasmanian Health Complaints Commissioner is an independent officer appointed by the Governor.  The Commissioner is also the State Ombudsman.​ We look into complaints from individuals or organisations about the provision of health services in Tasmania in both the public and private sectors.​ For information on how to lodge a complaint visit​

Victoria Complaints Process

If you remain dissatisfied with our response, you may contact the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC). The HCC responds to complaints about health services and the handling of health information in Victoria. Their service is free, confidential and impartial. To lodge a complaint with the HCC:

  • Fill out a complaint form online at or
  • Phone 1300 582 113 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday to discuss your complaint.

Western Australia Complaints Process

The Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HaDSCO) is an independent statutory authority providing an impartial resolution service for complaints relating to health or disability services provided in the State of Western Australia. This service is free and available to all users and providers of health or disability services. For information on how to lodge a complaint visit