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With over 35 years’ experience as a manufacturer of custom and off the shelf compression garments we are proud to be a leading supper to the compression industry. Offering a wide range of compression stocking, pumps and garments, our wide range of products caters for wound care, scar treatment, vascular and lymphoedema conditions as well as sports recovery.


oapl offer a wide range of garments from a variety of manufacturers including Juzo, a German company with over 115 years’ experience in compression garment manufacturing. 

Juzo understands that people who benefit from compression garments can be any age and come from all walks of life. That is why they offer their product in multiple trending colours and styles to suit everyone from the fashion conscious to the business professional as well as those that require more robust garments.



oapl’s tertiary qualified clinical team can help guide you when selecting the most appropriate garment for your needs and lifestyle.



oapl are proud to offer Juzo Compression Garments in both ready-to-wear or custom garments in either circular or flat knitted. All products are manufactured to strict RAL Compression requirements, with all materials used tested and certified to meet Oeko-Tex 100 Standards.

oapl offer a wide range of options with over 40,000 options being available in circular knit and 250,000 within the flat knitted custom range – something to meet all needs and requirements.

All products are available in a wide range of standard and trend colours and styles of their standard off the shelf designs.

Twice weekly airfreight from Juzo, Germany, and a 2-week turnaround from placement of order to delivery for custom made, ensure that oapl offer a ‘Gold Standard’ service for our Compression Garment customers and meet their needs and requirements in a timely and professional manner

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Along with offering class leading Juzo knitted compression garments, oapl also offer Sequential Compression Pumps from Mego Afek with their range of Lympha Press® devices - regarded as the worlds’ most versatile and advanced compression therapy systems available.

With over 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of Compression devices Mego Afek are renowned for their innovative technology and class leading devices with the available range of pumps covering a wide spectrum of uses within the arenas of Sports Recovery, Wound Care, Venous Insufficiency, and Lymphoedema.

In conjunction to the range of pumps, the range of uniquely patented garments’ offer the user the perfect, easy to use, adjunct to ongoing clinical treatment – with studies showing the improvement in Lymphatic & Vascular Flow when using the range of devices.

With a range of devices to meet both Clinical Specialists in-clinic requirements, along with patients at home use for ongoing daily treatment (clinical referral required), oapl are able to offer a Lympha Press® device tailored to suit all needs.

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Lymphoedema Pumps & Garments

+oapl offers a range of sequential compression pumps and compression garments to aid in the management of Lympoedema.  the video below outlines the brands of products we generally use.  Please discuss the options with your lymphoedema therapist prior to making an appointment with our clinical team.




Victorian Lymphoedema Garment program

OFA Bambergs range of off the shelf and custom compression garments are listed on the Victorian Lymphoedema Garment program and as such are partially funded for eligible patients.  Speak to your Lymphoedema therapist or visit the Victorian Lymphoedema Garment program website for more details.