What is Heel Pressure?

The Lower back is a complex structure, made up of 5 lumbar vertebras that support the weight of the upper body. The spine is a crucial part of your body function. The spinal cord that connects the brain to the rest of your body, is protected by the bones in your spine. An injury to any of these structures can result in localised back pain or radiating pain if a nerve that sends signals to the extremity becomes compressed.


Knee Osteoarthritis is a degenerative knee condition where the cartilage of your knee joint gradually wears away, exposing the underlying bone.

Early stages of knee Osteoarthritis (OA) is characterised by the onset of pain and mild inflammation around the knee. Usually pain is more severe in the morning and the knee may feel stiff and take a while to loosen up. These symptoms are also exacerbated when living in cooler climates.


Oapl introduces the RehaGait Analyzer - Part 2

We are excited to introduce the new RehaGait Mobile Gait Analysis System to our customers in Australia and New Zealand. RehaGait is a completely portable system that takes minutes to set up. In just moments, you can record, measure, analyse and report on one’s gait patterns which makes it ideal for clinical analysis on the go.

Oapl would like to introduce Liam, Senior Orthotist from our Sunshine Paediatric and Flemington clinics.





Resting Hand Orthosis

S.O.T is a resting splint for the spastic and paretic hand, when the goal is to maintain or increase the mobility of the hand.



Immobiliser available NOW!

OAPL has released the new and improved shoulder immobiliser.

New Features include:
Colour coded buckles
Adjustable and removable immobilising strap
Padded straps for comfort


ECO (Extension Compression Orthosis)

The new Toe Off 2.0 and Blue Rocker 2.0 have been realeasd. Get familiar with the new features and see what other additions are available for your customers.