BioDapt Prosthetics

The BioDapt Story

The BioDapt story starts with Mike Schultz, a professional snowmobile racer that lost his leg above the knee to an injury while racing in 2008. Unable to find prosthetic equipment to get back in action and refusing to compromise, he created his own. His new designs allow him to perform at a high level in all the sports he loves including snowboarding, motocross, and snowmobile racing. BioDapt was created in 2010 to help other amputees achieve their goals.



The BioDapt Range

The Alpine Foot

A high-performance prosthetic foot purpose built for downhill skiing that eliminates the need for traditional ski boots by directly connecting the Alpine Foot to the ski binding. Don't miss out on valuable ski time and achieve maximumperformance with your ski equipment as a lower limb amputee. Every Lower Limb amputee that has tried to ski, immediately knows the challenges of wedging a stiff prosthetic foot into a stiff boot. If your alignment is off, you start the entire process again. By the time you're ready, your friends have made two runs down the mountain!


The Versa Foot

A versatile and highly adjustable prosthetic foot used for sport, recreational, or everyday activities for both AK and BK amputees. Purpose built to perform in the most extreme activities and environments, the design of the VF2 allows it to efficiently absorb shock and impact through the toe and heel.
Featuring customized sole plates for different activities and a wide range of adjustability and tuning options, the Versa Foot 2's unique ability to adapt makes it one of the most versatile feet available.

PDF icon BioDapt VF2 2021 Catalogue.pdf


The Moto Knee

A durable, versatile, and highly adjustable prosthetic knee to help achieve the best performance in your sport or everyday activities. The Moto Knee2 excels in activities where the user needs to simulate quadricep activation to stabilize stance, absorb impacts and requires assisted knee extension.
Easily adjust resistance and hydraulic dampening for different activities, skill levels, and conditions during warm and cold weather sports and activities. The shock, air spring, and patented linkage system control the speed and resistance of the knee’s flexion and extension.

PDF icon BioDapt MK2 2021 Catalogue.pdf




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