Acute Bracing Solutions

Life doesn’t stop for recovery. +oapl stocks a complete range of braces as well as manufacturing our own cutting-edge custom devices, for every aspect of your treatment.


+oapl clinics offer a range of services to help manage your acute injury from initial stabilisation and pain relief right through to returning to activities of daily living, work or your favourite recreational activity.  Our clinicians specialise in the prescription and fitting of off-the-shelf products for the entire body through to custom-made orthoses for complex musculoskeletal injuries.  Bracing aims to prevent joint stiffness and muscle weakness during your rehabilitation allowing the user to maintain activities of daily living. We even offer products such as hot & cold therapy, compression garments and mobility aid to help you deal with the symptoms and consequences of your injury.


We work closely with referring doctors, physiotherapists and other health professionals to ensure you meet your goals.


Our clinical team will also provide reports on your management as required and assist with funding applications for insurers such as WorkCover and TAC.  When dealing with some of these agencies we will require a referral from your GP or specialist.  Speak to you


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