Sleek, elegant and cutting edge technology. The bebionic hand is at the forefront of multi-articulating myoelectric hands. Now available in the award winning small design the bebionic is precise intuitive and transforming the lives or amputees around the world.
The WalkAide functional electrical stimulator in conjunction with its tilt sensor technology is transforming the lives of people with footdrop. Now with the new Paediatric design, WalkAide is suitable for patients of all ages.
The first microprocessor controlled limb system in the world for trans femoral amputees. Linx situational awareness, standing lock and ramp dynamics make it the first choice of amputees of all ages and activity levels.
UltraflexONE joint is a breakthrough technology that provides protection, stability, functional assist and LLPST (Low Load Prolonged Stretch). It is available in a variety of sizes making it the ideal therapeutic joint for patients of all ages.
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An industry leader in the provision of musculoskeletal bracing for almost 30 years. Proudly Australian owned.


An industry leader in the provision of prosthetic devices for almost 30 years.Proudly Australian owned.

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